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How To Pest Proof Your Home From Winter Invaders

As the temperatures get colder in North Carolina and South Carolina we finally give way to pinching pennies and start to turn the heat up in our homes.  Sitting warm and cozy in our homes gives us that safe and secure feeling.  Similarly, what is lurking around to find a way into your homes are most creepy and crawly.  As a result we will show you in a few easy steps how to pest proof your home!

1. Seal and repair openings

Check around your home for cracks and openings around the foundation.  A lot of times these will be found around the plumbing fixtures, utility meters, and laundry vents along the sides of the homes.  The frames of the door are a very important area to check as well, and sometimes may require the replacement of the weather stripping.

A few things needed to repair these areas are easily found at any home improvement store; steel wool, clear weatherproof caulk and a screen repair kit.

For the bigger gaps you find you will want to fill in with the steel wool before you proceed to caulk around the gap.  Using a caulk tool or your finger push the caulk into the gap and smoothing it out to create a good seal.

2. Keep a dry home

Pests love moist areas, and your home can provide just what they like.  Ensure you have no standing water around the foundation of the home.  Gutters tend to get clogged and cause overflow near the foundation of the home instead of flowing it away from the home.  Check for debris build up in the gutters.

3. Yard clean up

Since most of the leaves around the home have most likely fallen to the ground.  Properly raking leaves and compost away from the home will help eliminate unwanted harborage areas from around your home.

Trees, shrubs or brushes that have overgrown and are touching the home or roof provide highway access for pests to the home.  Ensure to trim these away from the home leaving a three to four inch gap from the home.

4. Keep firewood away

Make sure to properly store firewood away from the home.  This is important for multiple reasons.  Storing firewood next to the home will provide a prime condition for termites.  Pests will harbor in wood during cool months leaving you bringing them into your home when storing wood inside.

Above all this may seem like a lot of work, and in reality who “really” wants to do this on their own.  If you’re thinking the same you may want to get set up on Aruza Pest Controls annual program.  Where we will do many of these steps to pest proof your home for you in our winter season service.

Click Here for a video showing how to pest proof your home from invaders.


Why Not Do It Yourself?

Now I know what you are saying to yourself “Why don’t I just buy some bug spray at my local store?”

Many over the counter products are heavily diluted and the effectiveness of it depends on how long it has been sitting on that shelf (probably a while).

I am all for DIY projects, but I can’t tell you how many times I have seen unopened bottles of pest spray products sitting around unused. On top of that most people don’t have the time to be as consistent with the treatment sprays as they should be. This usually makes such self-treatment of a home completely ineffective and all it does at best is push the insects into different parts of your home where you weren’t seeing them before. So basically chasing your tail over a week’s time from room to room as they continue to breed and reproduce.

To top it all off you just spent a lot of money on bug spray that probably could have just covered your first home treatment by someone whose livelihood is dependent on your home being pest free. I don’t know about you but I’d rather pay for the peace of mind that a professional service gives you, plus any pest control company worth it’s salt has a satisfaction guarantee. In fact if that isn’t advertised then it’s a red flag. You are going to experience sudden population booms in your home over the course of a year in between regularly scheduled treatments. This happens during Spring and Summer, the birds and the bees as they say. It’s natural.

A good company will understand that and fit you into a schedule and come out between your regular service times to nip those guys in the bud before it becomes a problem and the life cycle of the pest in your home can even get a footing. What’s in the best interest for you as a client is generally the best interest for a pest control company. So a company without a service guarantee is somewhat shady in my opinion because that’s says to me they understand that these things happen and they won’t bother coming out. Doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose?

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