Pests are a fact of life in the Carolinas. Aside from being just plain annoying, some pests—like mosquitoes, cockroaches and ants—can actually be harmful to homeowners and businesses. The diseases these pests carry can pose a risk to your family or employees. The best offense to controlling your pest problems, is a great defense. Aruza Pest Control provides fast, professional services with programs created to be highly effective against unwanted pests and convenient to your busy lives. Aruza Pest Control offers pest control services in the Charlotte, NC Metro area as well as in South Carolina.

Aruza focuses on eliminating pests from the home and workplace while being proactive with extensive exterior maintenance to keep unwanted pests from infiltrating your home. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. No pests, no worries! We guarantee you’ll love our service!

Interior Services:

  • Baseboard Treatment
  • In wall injection
  • Baiting/monitoring

Exterior Services:

  • Precision Power Spray (6 ft barrier around home)
  • Fire Ant Protection
  • Full Yard Protection
  • Spot Treatment Throughout Yard
  • De-webbing The Eves of The House
  • Garage Flush-out
  • Baiting/Monitoring

Aruza Pest Control will provide effective, Eco-friendly treatments to your home through our preventative maintenance program. The program consists of:

  • Intensive, initial home service
  • Follow up service 30-45 days later to eliminate newly hatched pests
  • Consistent maintenance services completed every two or three months to prevent any pests from returning

From commercial office spaces to a large warehouse, Aruza Pest Control offers commercial pest control to virtually any business. With superior customer service and a pest control program tailored to fit your needs, Aruza will have you working on your success, not worrying about pests.

No pest is more responsible for ruining backyard barbecues, family get-togethers or relaxing afternoons by the pool than the dreaded mosquito. While many view mosquitoes as a serious nuisance, they can also be quite dangerous. Consequently, they can carry a variety of diseases including West Nile and malaria. Aruza is here to stop the bite with our monthly seasonal mosquito service, with the goal of reducing mosquito populations to a tolerable level.

Rodents can be one of the most terrifying and hazardous infestations you could have. As a result, they can cause various diseases, leave unhealthy residue behind—and they can even effect the livability of your home (chewing wires, for example!). Don’t hesitate to call us as soon as you notice a rodent in your home. Aruza offers multiple options to eliminate these pests from your home, whether you just want to bait, trap to remove,—or create a full rodent exclusion.

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Eco-Friendly Pest Control

We care about the well-being of the environment and your family! That’s why we use the most earth-friendly pest control products available to get the job done right. Our products are naturally derived from the Chrysanthemum flowers.  We even offer a completely organic pest control service.

Money Back Guarantee


Our goal at Aruza Pest Control is 100% satisfaction. You can rely on us for effective pest management and service. Our technicians are thoroughly trained to treat your home or business, and utilize the most Eco-friendly products on the market.

If after treating you still see bugs, we will return and retreat for free. After three free services for the same pest problem, and you still see them we will give you your next service on us. We are so sure of our commitment to excellent service, we stand behind our 100% money back guarantee.